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Monitoring Kubernetes Cluster using OpenTelemetry Components

K8s Cluster Receiver is instrumental in aggregating cluster-level metrics and events for efficient Kubernetes monitoring.

Kafka Receiver and Exporter Documentation

An overview of Kafka Receiver and its role in data movement, with insights into protocol_version property and MSK integration.

Getting Started with Node.js in OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry, an effective observability framework for telemetry data in Node.js applications - tracing, metrics, and logs.

Getting Started with Data Processing Using OpenTelemetry Collector

Get an overview of OpenTelemetry Collector's data processing capabilities, its key components like receivers, processors, exporters and extensions.

Connect with Otel-Collector Redis Receiver - Cloud Documentation

The blog discusses otel-collector redis receiver's deployment, configuration, and metrics, such as memory used and commands processed for enhanced monitoring.

Understanding OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) Specifications and Metrics

Explore the operational frameworks of OTLP, how it contributes to OpenTelemetry data models, and its evolving nature within the OpenTelemetry project.

Getting Started with OpenTelemetry Collector

Get started with OTEL collector: setup the environment, generate and collect telemetry, explore components, and apply custom configurations.

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