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Jidu's Journey to 100% Tracing Fidelity with OpenObserve. A Case Study

Jidu acheived 100% tracing fidelity with OpenObserve by migrating from Elasticsearch to OpenObserve. Read this case study to learn how they did it.

Revolutionizing Observability - Unveiling OpenObserve, the High-Performance, Cloud-Native Platform

OpenObserve’ is an open source, cloud native open source observability platform that provides ~140x (YMMV. Could be higher or lower based on data entropy) lower storage costs compared to Elasticsearch. Use cases include real-life log data, significantly reduces operational costs, and improves ease of use. It can scale to petabytes of data, is highly performant, and allows you to sleep better at night 😴. If you are looking for an observability tool for logs, metrics, and traces, take a look at OpenObserve...

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