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Get schema for stream

Endpoint: GET /api/{organization}/{stream}/schema




    "name": "k8s",
    "storage_type": "s3",
    "stream_type": "logs",
    "stats": {
        "doc_time_min": 1673715046856933,
        "doc_time_max": 1673849134852901,
        "doc_num": 3300000,
        "file_num": 16,
        "storage_size": 3323.5,
        "compressed_size": 11.42
    "schema": [
            "name": "_timestamp",
            "type": "Int64"
            "name": "",
            "type": "Utf8"
    "settings": {
        "partition_keys": {},
        "full_text_search_keys": ["log"]


Field name Data type Default value Description
name string - stream name
storage_type string - s3 / disk
stream_type string logs logs / metrics / traces
stats object - stats for the stream
stats.doc_time_min int64 0 the minimum timestamp of the record in the stream
stats.doc_time_max int64 0 the maximum timestamp of the record in the stream
stats.doc_num int64 0 the records num of the stream
stats.file_num int64 0 the files num in storage of the stream
stats.storage_size int64 0 ingestion data size of the original data
stats.compressed_size int64 0 stored size in storage after compression
schema array - the schema of the stream, if fetchSchema set to false, has no this field string - field name
schema.type string - field data type: Utf8 / Int64 / Float64 / Timestamp / Boolean
settings object - settings of the stream
settings.partition_keys object - custom partition keys for the stream. By default OpenObserve uses timestamp as the first level partition key
settings.full_text_search_keys array[string] - full text search fields, default OpenObserve uses log, message, msg, content, data, events, json, if there is no those fields in your stream, will report error: you should set the full text search fields.