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Applicable to enterprise version

Enterprise features

There are certain features of OpenObserve that are available only in the enterprise version. All these additional features are provided using zPlane.

Currently following features are part of enterprise offering through zPlane:

  1. Elasticsearch API compatibility
  2. SAML (on Roadmap)
  3. Cross cluster search (on Roadmap)
  4. Priority support with SLAs


⚠️ zPlane is commercial software that needs to be licensed before you can use it in production. Please contact us at for enquiries or enterprise license. zPlane can be used freely for personal and non-commercial usage.

zPlane is collection of adapters & utilities to be used with OpenObserve, augmenting functionalities of OpenObserve.

Download zPlane

  1. Container:
  2. Binaries:
    1. Linux
      1. amd64
      2. arm64
    2. MacOS
      1. amd64
      2. arm64
    3. Windows
      1. amd64
      2. arm64


To set up zPlane, please make sure below environment variables are set:

Environment Variable Value Description
ZPLANE_SERVER_PORT 9200 zPlane server listen http port
ZPLANE_ZO_ENDPOINT http://localhost:5080 OpenObserve url
ZPLANE_ZO_ORGANIZATION default OpenObserve default organization

Elasticsearch compatible query support

Query DSL will translate to Where in SQL, please refer below table for same:

bool where
bool.should where AND
bool.must where AND
bool.must_not --
bool.filter where AND
bool.minimum_should_match --
boosting --
combined_fields where CONTACT(field1, field2) LIKE value
exists --
fuzzy --
geo --
ids id IN (id1, id2)
match_all where is empty
match_bool_prefix match_all / match_str(field) value
match_none --
match_phrase_prefix match_all / match_str(field) value
match_phrase match_all / match_str(field) value
match match_all / match_str(field) value
multi_match AND (match_all / match_str(field) value)
prefix match_all / match_str(field) value
query_string will parse AST and convert to SQL
range field >= a AND field < b
regexp re_match(field, value)
simple_query_string match_all / match_str(field) value
term match_all / match_str(field) value
terms_set --
terms AND (match_all / match_str(field) value)
wildcard AND (match_all / match_str(field) value)

Aggregation DSL will translate to Agg in Query

Agg DSL SQL (key, count)
avg select avg(field)
max select max(field)
min select min(field)
sum select sum(field)
count select count(field)
terms GROUP BY field
range select case
date_range select case
histogram Not supported
date_histogram select histogram(field, interval)
auto_date_histogram select histogram(field, bucket_num)
agg->children Work in progress


  1. No support for analyze, fuzzy, wildcard search, all of those are treated as string match.


You can configure zPlane as an Elasticsearch server: http://localhost:9200

Method API Description
HEAD, GET / --
GET /_license --
GET /_xpack --
GET /_nodes --
POST /:index/_search --
POST /_msearch --
POST /_bulk --
POST /:index/_doc --
PUT /:index/_doc/:id --
PUT /:index/_create/:id --
GET /:index/_mapping --
PUT /:index/_mapping empty API
GET /_index_template empty API
POST /_index_template empty API
GET /_index_template/:index empty API
HEAD /_index_template/:index empty API
POST /_index_template/:index empty API
DELETE /_index_template/:index empty API
HEAD /_data_stream/:stream empty API
GET /_data_stream/:stream empty API
PUT /_data_stream/:stream empty API