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Migration to v0.5.3

Only for local mode version under v0.5.2


  1. If you are using a version older than v0.5.2 then please upgrade to v0.5.2 first.
  2. If you are running in cluster mode, then you don't need to do anything.

Version 0.5.3 has a breaking change for local mode. It introduces Sqlite and PostgreSQL support for metadata and file list and dropped sled db support. So you need migrate file list index and metadata into new storage.

Download v0.5.3

Download v0.5.3 replace your old binary or docker image and then run it. If you go to the UI you will notice that there is no data. This is because the information about data is stored in metadata and file list index. So you need to migrate them into new storage.



If you are running binary version, just run the follow commands:

./openobserve migrate-meta
./openobserve migrate-file-list

If there is no error, congratulations, migration is done. you can login and start using OpenObserve v0.5.3 now.


You should use debug version image that allows you to login into the pod and run the migration command. The image name is:

After change to the debug pod, you can login into the pod, and run:

./openobserve migrate-meta
./openobserve migrate-file-list

If there are no errors, congratulations, migration is done. you can login to OpenObserve v0.5.3 now. If there are any errors, please report via github issue or slack.

You should switch to the normal image after migration is done as its smaller and more secure.