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Syslog server

OpenObserve can act as a syslog server. This means that you can send logs to OpenObserve using the syslog protocol. OpenObserve supports both UDP and TCP syslog.

Enable syslog

Before you can send logs to OpenObserve, you need to enable OpenObserve to act as a syslog server. This is done by enabling syslog in the Ingestion > Logs > Syslog section of the OpenObserve UI.

Enable syslog

Subnets to allow traffic from

OpenObserve will only accept syslog traffic from the subnets that you specify. You must specify a minimum of 3 things:

  • Organization
  • Stream name
  • Subnets


Default port: 5514

You can change the default port number using the following environment variables:

  • ZO_TCP_PORT - TCP port number to listen on. Default: 5514
  • ZO_UDP_PORT - UDP port number to listen on. Default: 5514


Select an organization and stream. Then set the subnet to This config allows accepting syslog data from any IP address.

You can then use the syslog generator script from this repo to test if you are able to accept syslog data in OpenObserve.


Clone the repo

git clone
cd syslog_log_generator

Modify the script


python --host --port 5514 --file sample_logs.txt --count 100000

Modify the file with the appropriate IP address.

Start generating test syslog data