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Logs metrics and traces can be ingested into OpenObserve from a variety of sources. This section describes how to ingest data from the following sources:


Log forwarders

  1. Vector
  2. Filebeat
  3. Fluent-bit
  4. Fluentd
  5. Amazon Kinesis Firehose


Logs can also be ingested into OpenObserve Cloud / OpenObserve through one of the 3 HTTP APIs.

  1. _json
  2. _multi
  3. _bulk
  4. syslog

You can call the above APIs directly in your code to ingest data.

From Code

Here are 2 examples on how you can do it programmatically:

  1. Go
  2. Python


You can also use curl command to ingest logs:

  1. curl


  1. OTEL COllector
  2. Prometheus
  3. Telegraf


  1. OpenTelemetry
  2. Typescript
  3. Node.js
  4. Python
  5. Go