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Set Settings for stream

Endpoint: PUT /api/{organization}/streams/{stream}/settings?type={StreamType}


  • type: logs / metrics / traces

    default is logs.

  • JSON Body

        "partition_keys": ["namespace"],
        "full_text_search_keys": ["logs", "body"],
        "index_fields": ["k8s_namespace_name", "k8s_pod_name"],
        "bloom_filter_fields": [],
        "data_retention": 15


Field name Data type Default value Description
partition_keys array[string] - custom partition keys for the stream. By default OpenObserve uses timestamp as the first level partition key
full_text_search_keys array[string] - full text search fields, will created inverted index with split the values to multiple tokens. default OpenObserve uses log, message, msg, content, data, events, json, if there is no those fields in your stream, will report error: you should set the full text search fields.
index_fields array[string] - index fields, will created inverted index with the original value.
bloom_filter_fields array[string] - enable bloom filter for the field, for high cardinal number fields have better performance
data_retention int64 - the default value based on ZO_COMPACT_DATA_RETENTION_DAYS=3650


    "code": 200