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Alerts - destinations

Alert destinations help user configure destinations for alerts. Once created, a destination can be used in multiple alerts.

To navigate to destinations in OpenObserve , select preferred organization using organization selection control, then click on Alerts menu , which will take one to alerts module , click on Destinations menu in left sub-navigation. The screen lists all destinations for selected organization.


Users screen details :

  1. Search in listed destinations
  2. Add new destination
  3. Destination Name
  4. Destination URL
  5. HTTP method used for sending notification
  6. Edit/Delete destination

Create Destination

To create destination click on Add destination button on users page to open :


  1. Name of new destination being added
  2. Select template to be used
  3. URL for the destination
  4. HTTP method to be used for notification , possible values are POST , GET , PUT
  5. Additional headers to be added if any
  6. Save button