How to stream NodeJS application logs to OpenObserve!

Sending logs from NodeJS application to OpenObserve using Pino is easy. This blog is a step by step guide to do that.

Capturing the Pulse of Your GitHub Actions with OpenObserve

Explore how OpenObserve, an open-source observability tool, collaborates seamlessly with GitHub Actions through the 'openobserve_github_action_logs' repository by Mark Percival. This integration offers developers an efficient way to capture logs, enabling long-term analysis to detect build patterns and improve CI/CD pipelines. Dive into the benefits of continuous data monitoring and how it can revolutionize your software delivery process.

Serilog Sink for OpenObserve

Serilog Sink for OpenObserve is an extension that integrates Serilog, a favored logging library for .NET applications, with OpenObserve. Crafted by Konrad Kaminski-Pawlak, the sink allows for effortless logging to OpenObserve, thereby enhancing the ability to store, analyze, and manage logs.

Harnessing the Power of FluentBit to Stream Kubernetes Logs to OpenObserve!

Sending logs from Kubernetes to OpenObserve using FluentBit is easy. This blog is a step by step guide to do that.

Revolutionizing Observability - Unveiling OpenObserve, the High-Performance, Cloud-Native Platform

OpenObserve’ is an open source, cloud native open source observability platform that provides ~140x (YMMV. Could be higher or lower based on data entropy) lower storage costs compared to Elasticsearch. Use cases include real-life log data, significantly reduces operational costs, and improves ease of use. It can scale to petabytes of data, is highly performant, and allows you to sleep better at night 😴. If you are looking for an observability tool for logs, metrics, and traces, take a look at OpenObserve...

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